Toowoon Bay Surf Life Saving Club is situated on the NSW Central Coast about 90kms north of Sydney, Australia.  A member of Surf Life Saving Central Coast Branch  which includes 12 other clubs spanning a coastline distance of 40klm.
Toowoon Bay beach is approximately one kilometer in length and is renowned as the safest beach on the Central Coast.  The rocky point at the south end and the curve of the shoreline to the north create an expansive and well protected bay.  While sometimes the waves are not for the more experienced board riders, its relatively gentle waves create a very friendly environment for the less experienced beach goers, stand-up paddle boarders, snorkeling and paddling with infants.
The submerged rocks at the southern side of the rocky point create some dangers to beach goers less familiar with the surrounds.  During periods of calm seas, it is possible to walk out well into the bay and look back and enjoy the surrounds with the waves lapping gently around you and water so clear you can see schools of fish and the sandy bottom.

From education and training to ensure our members have the skills needed to save lives, keeping fit and active and getting involved in surf sports competition, helping out with club fundraising or patrolling a beach with a great team of like-minded people – join our club community today and find out how you can become part of more than a century of tradition.  The role of the Surf Lifesaver now stretches far beyond the beach and there are countless ways to become involved in your community.

Toowoon Bay beach is patrolled by trained volunteers from late September to late April each year covering weekends and public holidays.  Central Coast Council lifesavers patrol the beach from Monday to Friday in the same period.

SLS VALUES and Key Principles that Toowoon Bay SLSC Members need to abide by:

INTEGRITY and RESPECT Recognising the contribution that people make to SLS, treating them with dignity and consideration, as well as caring for the property and equipment they use. Fairness should be employed in decision‐making out of respect to all.

TEAMWORK Collaboration and working together to achieve outcomes and resolve issues. Supporting one another on and off the beach is essential.

FUN AND ENJOYMENT SLS should be enjoyable for all those participating in it.  All efforts should be recognised and rewarded.

EXCELLENCE Surf Lifesavers strive for best practice in everything they do—seeking the highest of standards in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for themselves, their Club and SLS.

Beachsafe is brought to you by Surf Life Saving Australia as part of our ongoing commitment to education and safety in the aquatic environment.

The site includes current information and conditions for every beach in Australia. It shows patrol services, hazards and facilities as well as weather, swell and tide details. Beachsafe is designed to help you choose the right beach for your needs, so you can relax and enjoy your visit.

Staying safe and making the most of the coast requires knowledge and skills. The Surf Ed section of the Beachsafe website will help you learn about the beach, the science of the surf and the creatures in our oceans as well as surf skills and first aid. It’s all about helping you to enjoy our beautiful coast.