What is an age manager?

Age managers use their experience and passion for youth
development to mentor Nippers and facilitate fun learning
programs that encourage and develop young surf lifesavers.
Their goal is to enrich the lives of Nippers through the
delivery of surf lifesaving knowledge and skills in a fun and
safe aquatic environment.
Age managers:
• are responsible for the overall safety and wellbeing of
their age group
• are responsible for facilitating the development of surf
lifesaving skills, e.g., movement and surf awareness
• are responsible for facilitating the development of
personal skills, e.g., confidence, teamwork, leadership
• take time to plan, prepare and deliver lessons to their age group
• foster a collaborative approach to the management of their age group.

What do you need to do to become an Age Manager for your child’s age group at Nippers?

An Age Manager plays the lead role in the journey of nippers from U6’s to U14’s.  Age Managers are required to manage all facets of their age group on the beach in conjunction with Age Managers Assistants.  Usually, an Age Manager will commence in the U6’s and stay with this group until they reach U14’s and often their own child may be a participant in the age group they are managing.

There is an online theory course for NSW Age Managers which is available via the Members Area eLearning and can also be offered face to face.  The Age Manager course consists of three modules, following which a practical session on the beach will need ot be completed to be signed off for the Age Manager Award.  This will be organised by Junior Activities Coordinator (JAC) Chris Baldwin and involves putting your new skills into practice.  A pre-requisite for the course is the Child Safe Awareness online course.  This will take 20-45 minutes to complete and please refer to this factsheet for more information.

The minimum age to be an Age Manager is 16 yrs, however members who are 13 yrs can still complete the online  course for Age Managers however, they are unable to become a fully qualified Age Manager.  This is a useful course for those young club members who are SRC qualified and wish to be Age Managers Assistants.  Successfully qualified Age Managers will also be a financial member of TBSLSC and have a current WWC.

Age Managers Assistant Award (NEW in 2023/24 season)

Being an Age Manager is an important role, so having an Assistant to help is vital.  This season we are encouraging members from the age of 13 yrs to become an Age Manager Assistant to help with activities on the beach and build on their instructing skills.  the requirements are:

  • Minimum age 13 yrs
  • Complete the Child Safe Awareness online course
  • Successfully complete the online Age Manager course component

Members should speak with JAC Chris Baldwin if they are interested in becoming an Age Manager or Assistant.  Email contact for Chris is: