We protect the beach and the community

The primary function of Toowoon Bay SLSC is to provide a safe beach environment for swimmers, surfers and the beach going public.  The Club has provided a continuous patrolled presence since 1954.  Surf Lifesaving is a volunteer, not for profit community based surf rescue service that operates in the summer months as fixed location patrols during daylight hours.

During the summer months and particularly on weekends and public holidays, Toowoon Bay SLSC hosts some of the largest beach crowds on the Central Coast.  Although a relatively safe beach, due to its shape, headlands, and gently sloping sand, large crowds and varied sea conditions can provide many challenges to our beach patrols.

Volunteer patrolling members of Toowoon Bay SLSC are easily identifiable on the beach thanks to the red and yellow uniform.  The red and yellow flags signify the area which is safest for swimming and where the attention of the patrolling members attentions will mainly be focused on.  All are trained first responders.

Volunteer patrols are mounted by Toowoon Bay SLSC Patrolling teams on all weekends and public holidays between September School Holidays through to when the flags come down in April.

Hours of volunteer patrols on the Central Coast vary slightly according to the time of year:

  • Outside of the Christmas School Holidays patrols operate from 9am – 5pm
  • During the Christmas School Holiday period, patrols operate from 9am – 6pm

Patrol Uniforms

All patrolling members are required to wear a specific uniform, in order to be easily identified by the public and peers when on patrol.  Shirt, shorts, cap and/or hat are issued to patrolling members on completion of their SRC/Bronze course.

To replace a lost, worn out or grown out of garment, please contact your Patrol Captain or the Club office during office hours.  A fee for uniforms may be charged.  Please see TBSLSC uniform policy.


Toowoon Bay SLSC patrols commence on Saturday 23rd September 202 and continue on weekends and public holidays through to 28th April 2024.  For the dates and times, please view the patrol roster on this website.  If you would like to change to a different patrol team or you would like to be allocated to a patrol team, please email our VP Rescue Services/Club Captain at:  lifesaving.toowoonbayslsc@gmail.com

Flags go up for the 2023/24 season (including CCC Lifeguards patrolling on weekdays) on Saturday 23rd September to Sunday 28th April 2024.

Rosters will be available shortly.


On Patrol Resources

Standard Operating Procedures V6

Lifesaving Operations Procedures Guide (flip book)

SLSNSW Club Radio Procedures

SLSA Operations App User Guide

Incident Report Log

Powercraft Code of Conduct