Buttercups of Toowoon Bay

The Buttercups are a group of swimmers – young, old, retired, working, male, female, holidaying – who enjoy swimming.  The Buttercups believe the pristine waters of Toowoon Bay to be the fountain of youth!  It keeps them active, fit, they have fun and it’s a great way to connect with other like minded people who love to swim in the open water.

The Buttercups meet most mornings, all year round (conditions pending) and swim either across the bay and back or part of the way (to the flag pole at Kims, to Tarzan, hugging the shore etc).  Some swim with flippers, snorkels and wetsuits.  Wetsuits are recommended between May and when the warm currents come in around October.

Buttercups welcome swimmers of varying abilities, taking into account all confidence levels and swimming as a group to ensure that the least confident is not left behind or swimming on their own.  Confidence, friendships and a sense of belonging to a community will be built when you join the Buttercups.  No qualifications are needed but if you would like to complete your Bronze Medallion/Surf Rescue Certificate to help out Surf Life Saving services, ask any of your fellow Buttercups, most of whom are active patrolling members!  Buttercups are always ready and willing to help in other areas of club activities – BBQ, Officialling at Carnivals, greeting party for interested members and much more.

Buttercups meet daily at around 7.45am outside the gearshed at Toowoon Bay SLSC.  Some swim earlier, some swim later, there is always a group to suit.  It is also recommended that a bright coloured (yellow or pink) be worn so you can easily be seen.  The bay gets very busy with paddlers, especially in the early morning.