Description 2021/22 Amount
Active Youth (Under 6 – Under 8) ** $80.00
Junior Active (Under 9 – Under 14) ** $100.00
Cadet (Under 15) ** $80.00
Active 15-18yrs (Hold BM) $80.00
Active 18yrs + (Bronze/Award Holder) $80.00
Stingray Nipper (Inclusive Nipper Program) $55.00
Stingray Associate $55.00
Family Membership (2 adults and up to three children) ** $230.00
Extra Family Member $55.00
Associate Membership $75.00
2021/22 Parent Associate ** $55.00

** 2021/22 Parent Associate – We understand that the current COVID climate has been hard on families and to show our appreciation to our Nipper Parents and to give back to the community, The Executive has discounted the Parent Associate Membership to $55.00 for the 2021/22 season.

Note: Proof of age/Birth Certificate/Drivers Licence must be sighted for all new memberships.

Note:  It is mandatory that a parent associate join with a Nipper or Nippers.  The parent associate must remain on the beach while nippers is in progress incase of emergency/toileting etc.

A child may join TBSLSC as soon as he/she turns five years of age.  No SLSC is to accept membership of a child until they have reached the age of five years to comply with insurance requirements.  A child who reaches five years of age after 30th September may join nippers at that time for the remainder of the season; however, this child will be required to stay in the Under 6 nippers age group again for the following season.

** Age as at 30th September

Use of image:  Note that members joining or renewing agree to the member’s declaration (item 8) as part of the SLSA Membership Form.  This outlines that a member or a parent/guardian consent to the use of image.  In signing, members consent to the relevant SLS Entity(ies) using their name, image, likeness and also performance in or of any SLS activity at any time to promote the objects of the relevant SLS Entity(ies), by any form of media.  As per the Membership Form, members waive any rights they might have to name, image or likeness by the relevant SLS Entity(ies).

TBSLSC Use of Image policy