2024 / 2025 Position Holders

President Mick Cook president.toowoonbayslsc@gmail.com
Director of Administration (Secretary) Tracey Clifton secretary.toowoonbayslsc@gmail.com
Director of Finance (Treasurer) Karen Hickmott finance.toowoonbayslsc@gmail.com
Vice President Rescue Services/Club Captain Graham Sherer lifesaving.toowoonbayslsc@gmail.com
Vice President Youth Services/JAC Luke Mabey vpyouth.toowoonbayslsc@gmail.com
Management Committee
Chief Training Officer Simon Hicks cto.toowoonbayslsc@gmail.com
Manager – Masters Christiana Mergan mastersmanager.toowoonbayslsc@gmail.com
Board and Ski Captain Board:  Rod Mergan  Ski:  Karen Igoe office.toowoonbayslsc@gmail.com
Manager – First Aid Irene Freeman firstaid.toowoonbayslsc@gmail.com
Manager – Gear and Equip office.toowoonbayslsc@gmail.com
IRB Captain Mike Hayhurst TBA
Manager – Radios Jacqui Donadel office.toowoonbayslsc@gmail.com
Registrar Jacqui Donadel office.toowoonbayslsc@gmail.com
Historical/Cultural Officer Lyn Waters history.toowoonbayslsc@gmail.com
Fundraising/Grants/Sponsorship Karen Hickmott finance.toowoonbayslsc@gmail.com
Fundraising/Grants/Sponsorship Mick Cook Mickcook1941@hotmail.com
Building Committee Julie Dawson (Chair), Chris Manning, Karen Hickmott, Wendy McNamara, Phillip Raymont, Mick Cook buildingcomm7@gmail.com
Uniform Shop Vacant uniform.toowoonbayslsc@gmail.com
Function Room Manager Jacqui Donadel office.toowoonbayslsc@gmail.com
Social Media – Instagram TBA
Social Media – Facebook/Insta/What’s App and Website FB/What’sApp and Website:  Jacqui Donadel




Licencee Christiana Mergan
Club Liaison Denis Hannigan clo.toowoonbayslsc@gmail.com
Community Liaison Officer mickcook1941@hotmail.com
MPIO Karen Hickmott and TBA mpio.toowoonbayslsc@gmail.com
Complaints Officer Denis Hannigan denis_hannigan@hotmail.com
Water Safety Supervisor Geoff Cresswell TBA
Caretaker (Live in) Leigh Perrow
Administration Support/Club Manager (Paid) Jacqui Donadel office.toowoonbayslsc@gmail.com
Auditor Fortunity Chartered Accountants Fortunity Chartered Accountants
Stingray Co-Ordinator Karen Hickmott toowoonbaystingrays@gmail.com
TB CANS Co-Ordinator Christiana Mergan  https://www.facebook.com/ToowoonBayCans
Child Safe Co-Ordinator Jacqui Donadel childsafe@toowoonbayslsc.com.au