Nippers is a fun activity based program run to educate children between the ages of 5 and 13 about surf safety and awareness at the beach.

Whilst at Nippers your child will not only be having fun and making new friends, they will also be challenged with activities in a controlled environment.

The activities are many and varied and depending on age and ability children participate each week in beach sprints, relays, beach flags, tug-o-war, wading, swimming, board paddling, surfing and lots of other games and activities.

What happens on Sundays?

Nippers takes place on Sunday mornings. The 2023/2024 season officially commences on Sunday 9th October 2023  and will break over Christmas and New Year, returning mid January.

Sunday Activities for under 6 to under 12’s start at 9.00am and will finish at 10.30am appx. Sunday activities for under 13 and under 14 start at 8am and finish between 8.30-9am.

The U6’s  and U7’s children are given a non-competitive to beach and water activities. They are encouraged to complete water wade relays and water bucket relays every week to learn how to negotiate the water’s edge. For the Under 6’s and 7’s the emphasis is on fun and education, not competition. At this age, children are encouraged to perform to their potential. There is no winner just team and parent support.

The U8’s age group engage in waters edge wade races as well as beach activities.

The U9’s and above are introduced to regular swimming, ironperson and board events most Sundays in a competitive environment. All age groups are encouraged to perform within their capacity with no pressure placed on participants.

From the under 8’s, children are eligible to compete at local, Branch and State carnivals.

Club Championships are run three Sundays per season and from these results, overall winners of each discipline are tabled.

A parent or guardian is required to join with each family group and the parent associate is to be at the beach at all times during junior activities. The Toowoon Bay SLSC Junior Program is not a child minding service.

Similarly, the Toowoon Bay SLSC Junior Program is not learn to swim program.  Each child attending Nippers needs to have swimming ability.